Hybrid Navigation System

bGEO unites advantages of an off-line navigator with convenience of online apps. The program uses compact vector maps, thus bGEO can work in hindered communication conditions. All downloaded maps are automatically saved to your device. If there is no Internet connection bGEO automatically switches to offline mode and operates as an offline navigator.

bGEO for iPhone(iOS) bGEO for Android bGEO for Windows Phone

For car navigation

bGEO is a navigation software designed for those who drives, walks, travels, for professional drivers and all those who need precise maps and reliable app to use these. bGEO is an offline navigator very user friendly just like online maps.

For communication

bGEO is a social navigation media. Applications automatically exchange data about current road conditions finding the most optimal routes in cramped city traffic, traffic jams, bottlenecks and temporary blocks.

For business

bGEO is a ОЕМ tool for creating your own applications and integrating them into the existing systems. The app can be used for communication, monitoring of friends’ location, managing mobile personnel, to call a taxi or tow track, and for many other tasks.